Footballers Feet

Football changing rooms remain a masculine environment, regardless of the smells of varied shower gels, and occasional body milks. Deep heats, cooling gels, and oils keep the muscles supple. No more jockstraps. Well not at my club anyway. Headbands, wristbands, sock tie ups, and body armour to keep the body temperature regulated. Years gone by, but I remember when the only thing to keep warm on a match day were ‘The Crown Jewels’. Many things have changed in ‘The Beautiful Game’, but not the Footballers Feet. There are footballers who have a pedicure before a game, or ask their misses to sort their feet out when the sight, and scratching of his feet against her calves in the night becomes unbearable. I actually know footballers that sleep with socks on with women due to the appearance of their Footballers Feet. Whatever level of football you’ve play at you’ll always have a joke, tale or story, of at least a sight of a Footballers Feet. Que the jokes. Like when a player tries to snuggle up their feet behind their bag, or act like they’ve dropped their towel, and it conveniently lands on their feet. Every players feet has a story to tell, so think of this blog when you’re season starts, and look around look around at those Footballers Feet in your changing, and allow yourself a chuckle.


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