Ice Cream Van

My original Lollyman title has somehow been shelved, I can only hope that it will make an appearance at a later date.

What was it about that disorientated sound of the ice cream van that use to turn kids nuts? I use to wonder whether the driver had a winding devise on his steering wheel, and if he did, what make was it?  Did it take batteries?, and did he have different chimes for certain streets? 

Thinking about it that Ice Cream Van sound hasn’t changed one bit.
With all this technology how come none of the Ice Cream Vans don’t have any real tunes. No mp3 or iPod plug ins?  I wonder whether it is to retain that nostalgic feeling? O.k. it works, because Usain Bolt never had anything on us when we were younger. When that Ice Cream Van use to pull up outside my grandparents house, the race was on: ‘standard’. Why we ran for the Ice Cream Van that hard, I don’t know because we knew it would wait anyway, and it wasn’t like the van was going to run out of lollies or ice creams. ‘Madness’
Maybe it was the fact of licking your ice cream or lolly before anyone else licked theirs. We would want to get to the Ice Cream Van at break neck speed, but the return to sit on the wall outside my grandparents was always in slow motion. Head tilted to the side, catching the lolly juice drip, looking at the corner of your eye. That was real Maybach rolling. ‘What’!!!! Whizz Kids on the feet. Socks pulled up over the knees, Superman shorts, with the top to match. Unshaped afro, you don’t know bout that.
You notice that Ice Cream Van drivers didn’t, and still don’t have business cards or programme lists. If they did, at least you’d have an idea when they’d be coming. They use to just turn out the blue, and cause pandemonium in the house while we’d be looking for change, tipping the piggy bank on the carpet. ‘Madness’ and the money always seemed better from the piggy bank than mums purse. What was that about? I’m trying to recall whether the lollies would taste nicer because it was bought with small change.
That dash could be stressful. ‘Now’ I’m a prepared parent so, my littleman has a piggy bank that he can reach, extra change on his bookshelf, and shoes on the steps by the front door. Ice Cream Van Man, aint getting away from us.
Present Day: The Ice Cream Van Man by me is fairly considerate because he always parks on the same side of our road, about a lolly stick throw from the house, so when we hear that tone bellowing out like the old rag and bone man its on.
Present Day: It’s like slow motion. No need to talk, it’s like telepathy. It’s on littleman, the only thing on our mind while going through the process is what to get. Ice cream, in a cone, single or doubles, with flake, one or two, sauce, if so strawberry or chocolate. Hold on……. am I getting some sprinkle of them nuts. Am I getting an oyster? With sauce…… 

ermm…  them rectangle drinks with the straw. ‘Snap’ remember those!

When we use to finish we use to put washing up liquid in the plastic cartons with some warm water, then blow bubbles in. Couple times I did suck back and the bubbles went down the wrong whole. ‘Wow’.
The spearmint lollies were nice too, and the cherry or banana flavour too. We use to take it out the wrapper, and the juice use to drip down quick, we use to scoop it up with your little finger before it hit the floor.
Remember those small hard chewing gum you would get at the bottom of the screw balls. So many kids lost fillings over those pieces of granite.
Present Day. This is the only time that your kids may out run you. It’ll be like Road Runner and Wiley Coyote. My littleman’s mouth wide open running at speed, one shoe on his size, the other mine, me with a slipper the other bare foot. Gravel scuffling my little toe, as I angle my run to the left to get to the Ice Cream Van first. I have to catch myself, my littleman is like 30+ years my junior, but I know that if he gets to the van before me I’ll never hear the end of it. ‘Stress for days’. Panting hard and fast, we can’t even talk by the time we get to the Ice Cream Van. I can see my littleman’s eyes racing over the list. Panting continues.  He’s looking up, then down. It’s like he’s unlocked another world on New Super Mario Brothers. Single cone with a flake. No sauce no nuts. Me. I’m going all out. Double cone, ice cream Mister Whippy style, tall, with everything on in. ‘Nice’. Lets stroll back home. Littleman looks up, and display’s a smile of happiness, and says ‘thanks’.
Mission complete
Glum weather has returned but the Ice Cream Van man will return

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