Vintage football boots Obsession


My beloved Pantafolio’ doro Superstars have had their day, fed up of thinking that my next pass will leave my toes tasting the leather of the ball, and leaving me embarrassed.

So this leaves me with the task of replacing these ‘golden slippers’ with something worthy of blessing my size 6’s. This journey led me to reconnect with my fascination and Vintage Obsession with football boots from yesteryear.

This blog is a visual homage to my elder brother who probably thinks that I’m alittle eccentric when it comes to boots.

Vintage Johan Cruyff

Vintage Converse

Above are a pair of Vintage Lico’s from West Germany 1970’s

Vintage Ryal 1946

Vintage Gola Hat-Trick

Vinatge Adidas Burnley

Vinatge Adidas Chile

Vintage Adidas Inter

Vintage Adidas Palermo

Above are a pair of Adidas ‘Schoko Schachner, from the 1980’s. Endorsed by ‘Walter ‘Schoko ‘ Schachner former Austrian forward

Vintage Adidas ‘Klaus Fischer Copa 1978 German international player 1977 to 1982

Above are a pair of Vintage Adidas UWE’s that had me salivating when I first saw them. Likely to be my next purchase

Vintage World Cups 1966. These will eat the Copa Mundial’s for breakfast for appearance

Vintage Puma ‘Ranger’ Yugoslavia 1970’s

For some unknown reason I have a soft spot for these Puma’s. Must be the simplicity of the design

Adidas Predator Powerswerve Blackout. These are the nuts

Lapo’s bespoke Special Edition Pantofola d’Oro

I love these, even though they remind me of footwear the black and white cinematic Harold Lloyd would wear

Now Welcome to The Vintage Cinquestelle range.

About 12 years back I opened the eye’s of many of my ‘ballerboot’ friend’s when I purchased my first pair of Pantafola doro football boots. Sent shock waves through my football club. These Cinquestelle’s will do the same things:

Have my eye’s on these Cinquestelle’s as a second purchase if the Vintage Adidas UWE’s don’t materialise

Image acknowledgements to: studs_up/the_boot_room/

Last images of my beautiful Valsport Nova’s that some ‘scumbag’ stole. If you know anywhere where I can purchase them I would deeply appreciate you getting in contact with me
bespoke P2L’s 
Metric Concord Moulded

These will be the only pieces of Manchester United history to feature on my blog.
Vintage Bobby Charlton ‘golden slippers’

And finally…….. “take a bow” George Best Stylo Matchmakers


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