Back Down Memory Lane – PressPlay

I’m scratching my head as to why this had not been one of my earlier blogs……and or why I have not slipped Dr Buzzards Savannah Band or Minnie Riperton into one of my earlier features. Hearing ‘Transistor Madness’ out of the blue recently cemented the fact that this blog had to happen.

Growing up in Rise, and hearing grown people dance, and be inpsired to work, love, and live through music. The family energy of gatherings with extended friends, the background music when my uncle would be carrying out his martial arts on the green carpet or when the grown ups would play chess, reminded me of my world of happiness, and a reference point of extreme and sincere joy.

With this year steadily coming to a close, I think it would be crazy for me not to take a journey “back down memory lane ” I’m feeling nostalgic…..this song reminds me of the times when I was young, and allowed to play a piece of vinyl on my uncles record player.
I’d like to add this was like an honour for the younger generation in my household.

I’ve removed Minnie Riperton’s sleeve cover, my palms positioned inward facing about 30 centimetres apart, polished edges of her vinyl kissing against the lifelines on the palm of my hands. Steady Steady now. One last glimpse of her black glistening geometric circular shape before resting her belly upon the turntable. My little right finger erect and my chosen tool of trade to lift and arch the turntable arm and rest the needle down. I’ve inhaled and exhaled a blow beyond my tender age to remove any dust fragments from the needle, and stroked the base of it with my little finger for good measure.

…….the pause, followed by the hiss, and then the crackle as the needle weaved its way within her grooves feels like a lifetime. Then as if by magic the front room, and everything within starts to breath. “Sing out Minnie, Sing out”! ….for that split second I feel an adult and realised music of some capacity would always live within me

Thank you uncle…….


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