A friend visited our home recently with her minimentor, and left me in hysterics at her actions. You know how it goes when it’s time to leave when you visit a friend, and have children, and they start to get alittle restless and figget. Well her minimentor was rolling in the passage, then moved into the front room, bouncing from cushion to cushion, turning over the tele etc etc I’m typing, but observing his playful behaviour. Now she must have asked him like 10 times to get ready and put his shoes and coat on.

To date ……….. hold on ……. let me look into the passage to see if they are still there…….. She made him wait so long at the top of the stairs, and yet continued to labrish, not even budging from the table to get up. 
Now I had a little chuckle because I’ve seem other mothers do the same thing, including my misses…… shhhhh don’t tell her.

Is it natural for women to make males to wait on them? Look I know the answer already. This is my thinking, if he was ready and sitting on bottom step I’m sure she wouldn’t have been ready any quicker.

Thanks @cordsfifi


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