So the weekend has passed, and my friend’s 20+20 Burlesque themed birthday celebration was exactly what she said it would be. When I received my invite I jumped onto the internet to see what males should wear for such an event. Now it may have been that my fingers were too sensitive on the keyboard but I was soon led down a fair amount of peculiar links that I am glad I wasn’t viewing at work.

Fast forward the evening. 2hrs 30mins late. Lilac attire on

and leaving out without splashing on some Hugo on my neckline the journey to the event started.

Quick dash across North West London, and we arrived at the venue.
The grounds for the event were set within a rural part of North West London, the lighting outside minimal, and the sounds restricted to the leaves rustling against the trees. We’d found a parking space and took the short brisk walk over the gravel to the entrance. It then dawned on me that we had actually arrived. I wanted to pause, and savour this moment, I wanted to be in a position to recall everything. I think that it was the uncertainty of not knowing what to expect. I composed myself. A fox making its way across the grounds reminded me why it may not have been sensible to wait outside too long.

We were greeted by a tall statuesque gentleman in a bowler hat within the court area, and followed his hand gesture indicating the direction for us to walk to for the entrance. We could hear and feel the music, and see figures dancing through the windows. We entered the venue, and I wanted to close my eyes, and convince myself that I had not seen anyone. A stream of women occupied the narrow entrance hall , and I soon remembered why the host had suggested wearing a pair of briefs instead of boxers.

Adrenalin, anticipation, exhaustion from my football awards evening the previous night, followed by work, followed by another night out ….. or just the magnum kicking in …….

but something was playing with my emotions

I recall watching Kubrick’s ‘Eyes Wide Shut‘ with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman and the scenes and images from it. Completely different theme, but the film kept popping up in my head.

We were embraced by the host, and soon entered the main event hall….. enlightening …. I observed people playing with their thoughts, clothing and consuming steams of alcohol. People talking, laughing, embracing each other,  dancing, singing, standing, sitting. A smile secretly crept itself upon my face, and I began to chuckle. “Splendid”, is how my friend described the atmosphere. And I would have been unwise to have disagreed with him.

Sub-consciously I found my stance when greeted by female friends with an arched manner, gone were the thoughts of what my female friends looked like naked, as their tenderness was there to see, and not all in its splendour.

Full view, side view, back view. Appearances, shapes, sizes, colours, fragrances over smells, tall, lean, maybe not so lean, smiles, frowns, and a lot of weight spillage from tight and revealing clothing.

It still all seemed surreal…… and what seemed like a blink had actually been 3 hours of enjoyment celebrating a dear friends 20+20 Burlesque themed birthday, and a desire to seek another one.


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