Vintage football boots Obsession returns

With pre-season training and friendlies well under way, football boots and my obsession with everything vintage returns.

The internet has a feast of images of football boots from yesteryear, and I have managed to find a few to wet your appetite. 

Now even Xabi Alonso couldn’t score from the half way line in these.

A few from the early 1960’s

and a signed pair by the Preston North End legend Sir Tom Finney

OK OK I know these look like they’ve been bought from Petty Coat Lane market, but there is something simple that attracts me to these Stanley Socca’s 

edited Adidas Inter

edited Puma Pele Santos

edited Puma Mario Kempes Rosario 1970’s … beautiful

The younger viewers will probably be in hysterics laughing at these two football boot entries, but Patrick football boots when they first came out were a must. I was never lucky enough to own a pair, but fortunate to have an older brother who did, so I’d use his. He had a similar pair with the large ‘tongues’. The only downside was that he was about two boot sizes larger than me, so multiple insoles helped.

Now I’m a strong believer in values and manners, and have to apologize for not including a pair of ‘Ronnies’ classic R9’s …. now that’s the ‘original’ Ronaldo …… 

edited ‘Torch’ Brand from China .. reminds me of the limited edition Pantofola’ doro from my previous football boot blog ….. 

George Best ‘Stylo’ limited edition football boots fetched 310.00 ….. worth it ….. I’d agree

Now Now …… Vintage football boots Obsession ended with a pair of George Best ‘Stylo’s …… the return will end with these beauties…..

*Note that full recognition of the original images of these football boots should be given to the sellers, and can be contacted by posting a comment


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