Summer of Love

I love the summer break, always have done. Doesn’t bother me either that we’ll probably only get a day or two here and there of sun.

I’ve fallen in love this summer. I’ve been away from work and spent an enormous amount of time with my family, and continue to appreciate every drop of each moment.

I’ve not trained for the up and coming football season, for the first time in years my body feels invigorated.

I’ve spent time visiting parks, festivals and open days. Osadia

I’ve spent time walking through nature reserves, and in the warmth eating and sharing blue bubblegum ice cream.

I’ve been soaking up the atmosphere of the Olympics Olympics 2012, and visited Hyde Park with my littleman, who is still recovering from seeing Chris Hoy, and watched numerous games at Wembley Stadium.

My summer of love has allowed me to embrace the beauty of London. Diamond Jubilee Diamond Jubilee, Wimbledon, Olympics, and the BBC coverage, especially the open ceremony was breathtaking. Jess Ennis, Women’s volleyball, Mo Farrah, Chris Hoy, the Jamaica athletic’s and the world records!, list goes on Olympics 2012 footage.

So I missed out on going Jamaica House, and Puma Yard, and to add insult to everything the day I chose not to go Roundhouse the USA Olympic Team had their party there with Nas,  

 and were giving away gold beats by dre headphones.

Spent extended time with my mother cleareing out her loft, and found the most distressing throwback photos of me wearing some unsavoury looking clothing. Listened to her patios leave my littleman in hysterics, and her “teachment” to describe my late granddad’s terminology. Did some gardening, barbecuing, and shared alot of  jokes. I’m glad that her character has not altered one bit. Had to use a dust pan and brush to remove leaves from her lawn that had been cut two days prior to my visit. THEN afterwards got it trimmed again with mower. WOW.

This Summer of Love has also reminded me of how fragile life can be with the news that my godbrother committed suicide while in the West Indies with my family while burying his grandmother. Too many uncertainties……………

…. over to you Lanyo


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