Reflective Practice

I must admit that I haven’t been as active on this blog as originally set out over the past year. Life’s journey can lead you to places that you can only dream about and for that I am blessed.

I’ve been in the midst of replanning my future after a period away from progressing my career in Playwork. I also felt the need to give myself a little boost and revist some of my personal work achievements in order to get the ball rolling again and undertake some Reflective Practice. Scribble, scribble, type, type. Information, and notes between my iphone, touchpad and notebook. Finally, some order, and now a point of reference.

Playwork is my calling and vocation, and I have worked within this field of work for 22 years in diverse settings, and have been an integral member of numerous Play Associations and Projects. Over this time I have become totally dedicated to the cause of Play, and am very proud of my achievements.

I have been given the opportunity to contribute to services as a Playworker, Play Leader, Play Development Officer, Service Manager, Playwork Assessor, Mentor and Tutor. Over the years I have built a professional network of colleagues and associates who represent many voluntary organizations and services.

I strongly believe that every child and young person should have access to flexible, high quality and freely accessible Play provisions. I love the idea of taking the Playwork ethos into the community and seeing children create spontaneous Play spaces in areas which lack Play provision.

When I work with children and young people I think it is important to remember that Playworkers are Play facilitators and should not be too directive but instead receptive.  The use of public space by children and young people is generally given a mixed reaction by the general population and it is important to acknowledge the issues surrounding these opinions and to challenge presuppositions. I do my best to maintain the role of an advocate for the right to Play and the best reference I could give would be that the children and young people I work with enjoy my company.

I find myself updating my blog at Stonebridge Adventure Playground in North West London, and the last adventure playground this side of London to remain. In one of the areas that I grew up in, and my visit back today to support the campaign to Save Stonebridge Adventure Playground and keep it open has brought back so many happy memories.

Audley Harrsion has also taken time out from his hectic schedule to come down and support the campaign and bring smiles to school children from the local area.

BrentPlay have continued to work tirelessly to keep the Adventure Playground open that is a free open access opportunity for children and young people.

Whilst today may be a day you were unable to come down, there are other ways to show your support. Join Stonebridge Adventure Playground Facebook page and find out more information about keeping this Play provision open, alternatively come down and visit the adventure playground.








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