Vintage football boots Obsession returns

With pre-season training and friendlies well under way, football boots and my obsession with everything vintage returns.

The internet has a feast of images of football boots from yesteryear, and I have managed to find a few to wet your appetite. 

Now even Xabi Alonso couldn’t score from the half way line in these.

A few from the early 1960’s

and a signed pair by the Preston North End legend Sir Tom Finney

OK OK I know these look like they’ve been bought from Petty Coat Lane market, but there is something simple that attracts me to these Stanley Socca’s 

edited Adidas Inter

edited Puma Pele Santos

edited Puma Mario Kempes Rosario 1970’s … beautiful

The younger viewers will probably be in hysterics laughing at these two football boot entries, but Patrick football boots when they first came out were a must. I was never lucky enough to own a pair, but fortunate to have an older brother who did, so I’d use his. He had a similar pair with the large ‘tongues’. The only downside was that he was about two boot sizes larger than me, so multiple insoles helped.

Now I’m a strong believer in values and manners, and have to apologize for not including a pair of ‘Ronnies’ classic R9’s …. now that’s the ‘original’ Ronaldo …… 

edited ‘Torch’ Brand from China .. reminds me of the limited edition Pantofola’ doro from my previous football boot blog ….. 

George Best ‘Stylo’ limited edition football boots fetched 310.00 ….. worth it ….. I’d agree

Now Now …… Vintage football boots Obsession ended with a pair of George Best ‘Stylo’s …… the return will end with these beauties…..

*Note that full recognition of the original images of these football boots should be given to the sellers, and can be contacted by posting a comment


Valery Lobanovsky

I’ve come to the conclusion that a lot of people I communicate with on the topic of football must be taking recreational drugs.

This wasn’t even mean’t to feature as my next blog, as I already had something in my draft section, but….. BUT that Manchester United  v Athletic Bilbao is still on my mind, and reminded me why I still watch football. Why I still scratch my head with disbelieve at the performances of certain teams. I think Valery Lobanovsky would be turning in his grave. 

Athletic Bilbao deserved to go through, as Manchester United had already been exposed in the second leg against Ajax, so this was no surprise. Funny enough, I’m not even happy they are out, not even a period to gloat, no excitement seeing a hyped team exposed. I suppose I’ll be hearing from most Manchester United supporters saying that they can now focus on the league. Yes, win the bread and butter, show you are the best in your country, and qualify for Champions League. But is that it ? Poor. No fantasy no excitement. Poor all over. 

OK Rooney has inhaled and exhaled before just scoring guiding the ball into the net. Take a bow.

The crowd in the Estadio Vincente Calderon have been exceptional, applauding Giggs when he got substituted. Athletico Bilbao understand and play football that used to make me drool. No arrogance. Just believe, technique, youthfulness and a hunger to display their talent. United have looked tired and legless. For this years Champions League they simply have not been strong enough, and have been brushed aside emphatically by a far superior side. 

Manchester United have brought Scholes out of retirement, and retained the services of Giggs. They have a sprinkle of youth, and the the injury prone twins. Progba wanting to leave, Berbatov a 30 miillion pound write off, Ravel dealing with external problems, Carrick being Carrick. Does it sound like I’m United bashing ? 
It is what it is. 
This fabricated attitude that with them being world leaders in football, with  assets in the millions that this warrants they are still one of the greatest teams. Nah. Sorry cannot accept it. This just reinforces my belief that Manchester  United, The Premiership, and The National team are all hyped and gone to the dogs. The style and quality of football are poor. 
Wigan, Swansea, Arsenal and Spurs, in no particular order, are the only teams that regularly play with believe, skill and purpose. Man City have the players, and their time will come. 

For the first time in ages I watched a game as a neutral, and my stomach churned with adrenalin, and excitement. Thank You Chelsea v Napoli. Not even watching the League Cup Final Liverpool v Cardiff brought me that feeling. 

The loss to QPR. Well. I guess people thought it was humorous with the tirade of abuse hurled at me and other Liverpool fans, from 76 minutes onwards. 

I knew my life changed when Ekoku and Holdsworth both scored for Wimbledon in a 2-2 draw away on 13th March 1996. I waved the white flag, and had to learn how to remove myself from the madness my life had become engulfed in Liverpool. My corner flags shifted.
Where are Liverpool……… let’s not become disillusioned. We have an average team, in an average league. I think Kenny’s blueprint is questionable. If its about bringing in British players that have premiership experience to steady the ship, and support us to become a cup team, and re-enter the European competitions, then mission accomplished. But what next ? Suarez has a love affair with the goal posts and cross bar, and will do everything but score. Carragher’s plan is a slow retirement, and you can see that, credit to Kenny, as Skrtel and Agger getting their well deserved game time. Carroll, Downing, Henderson, and Adam I’ll save for another time.

Twenty Three Pairs of Feet

NOW   What an emotional seven footballing days of my life. Mayfield Athletic Football Club gunned down by my beloved Old Manorians, defeated by Albanians in the Jack Perry Cup on penalties, semi – final Carling Cup Liverpool v Man City, Liverpool v Man United in the FA Cup, and Globe Rangers v Old Manorians reserves.

I guess I must have been nervous, my alarm went off on Wednesday 25th January 2012 at 5am, and I spent the next two hours somewhere in cloud Cuckoo Land. Up and out, school run over, and my mind was still all over the place. Back home laptop packed, I recall it all getting too much to process. Re-scheduled the day. Sent an email before I ventured back out. O.K that meeting was now postponed. On the bus. Off the bus, and straight into a light is flashing green. Wooooow I stepped back before me and the 4×4 became connected.

Meeting commenced.

Exited meeting.

I remember nothing.

To the office and four hours passed like a blink. Flowers for the Misses, and some munchies and bubbly for me in preparation for “the night” . What’s app message came through reminding me ‘el Classico’ Copa del Rey was also on at 9pm, but wasn’t my focus.

The Carling Cup semi-final Liverpool v Man City is what “the night” was all about.

Souped-up version of the Milk Cup, Littlewoods Cup or Simod Cup as it was in my day, the day’ s anxiety was all making sense.

THEN  we’d ride up and out of our road

and out onto the high road and into the park and play football for a couple hours before the finals up at the Old Wembley Staduim to soak in the atmosphere. Players from the past shrieking out our mouths when we’d dribble, tackle, score and celebrate. Me Kenny Dalglish and my brother from the imitation reds from Manchester, he’d always be defensive against the offensive brilliance of Liverpool.

There would be a sea of people moving in tandem on the high road making their way as if in pilgrimage towards Wembley Stadium

upon our arrival we’d carry our bikes up the steps get a peek inside the stadium through the turnstiles.

The adrenlin racing back home to watch the match on the box was all part of the excitement and build up. And I think it would be fair to say I’m struggling to think whether it was actually a race, because my brother always won. Never mind.

NOW I’m back home playing ‘hydro strike’

with my mini mentor trying to pass the time and kick off is getting closer. Talksport radio and Twitter are helping to ease the anxiety. I’m not ashamed to say that this would be my first Liverpool Cup Final I’d be at, and I want to relish it. I want to have this opportunity as an adult to soak everything thing in. I want to digest the journalist articles in the build up to the day, the all the media coverage, the old footage on LFC and ESPN. I want to be saturated with everything Liverpool. I want to physically be at Wembley witnessing those Twenty Three Pairs of Feet on the pitch control my emotions. The smells, the noise, the singing, the humour, the colours, the weather, the coming together of people I do not know, but have the same desire to breathe Liverpool.
At a period where the eyes have been on our club for the wrong reasons, and me questioning the nonsense coming out of the mouths of some of our own supporters mouths something still hangs over my head, almost haunts me. It would be a dishonour for Kenny not to train and prepare our players so I can witness them at Wembley. I want to hold my Cup Final ticket in my hand. I want a match programme. I want to buy an over priced burger, or a pie, or the inflated fish and chips at Wembley Stadium. I want a warm flat beer. I want to sit and look into the eyes of everyone Liverpool, and anything associated with us.

Minimentor fed, and bathed. Kick-Off

Kenny pulling chess moves like Fresh

……. and my place is booked for the Carling Cup Final.

Old Manorians Football Club

October 2011, and the football world was hit with an amazing account of a Jamaican Oligarch taking over an amateur football club. The Oligarch’s first action was the recruitment of an inexperienced veteran player from the lower leagues with no managerial experience. What was more striking was the fact that the incoming manager’s only award was his elementary swimming certificate from primary school.

With the new season well under way and the successes from last season still on the tongues and minds of the players, it would be inevitable that there would be changes within the club. It was reported that the club awards night was a messy affair, and the editing made for Sky did not capture the football  images from the field of play this season, nor the beauty and celebrations that took place on the night.  It has been well documented that the club are subsequently involved in a high court case with the broadcasting company due to breaches of the viewing contract. We are unable to comment further at this stage.

October 2011. There appeared to be a sense of stability within the club in part to the re-structuring by The Chairman and Board of Directors, but the recent performances from the first team have clearly left a doubt in the managers eyes of the players ability. There still seems to be questions as to whether the team should be play 4-4-2 , 4-5-1, 3-2-5 or whether the team have the players, or the ability to play, or adapt to either formation.

The incoming managers appearance on Soccer AM was possibly the most ill advised moment to date, as he used this as a platform to condemn his players for using Twitter. He was quoted as saying ‘ what flavour Kush you like should be a private affair, and not discussed in public’.
Leaves you scratching your head at the commitment from some of the players at this club; nights out in Newcastle, players going AWOL and manager getting calls from police cells at unsocial hours in the night. We recorded footage of a first team player that was due to restart training in June at a service station jumping out a white transit at 9am in the morn in shorts and a Parker jacket talking about the scar on his left knee from surgery. Last time he was seen was before a match in the changing rooms, where he had taken about 10 cameras out of a football sock and was trying to sell them all. He was adamant that they were new, however advised that anyone interested should clear any images off, once they had bought a charger.

August 2011. With the purse strings strapped prior to the Oligarch’s arrival the manager was able to make a few signings on a free, and integrated a steely centre back. The goalkeeping position was retained by a agile, competent and reliable goalkeeper, one the club had not seen for at least 9 years.

With the humour of the Great Bruce Grobbelaar and presence and penalty saving of Ray Clemence the club would admit that they are fortunate to have his services. The resurgence and the newly appointed captain, raised a few eyebrows. He continues to recover from malaria and had been involved in the well publicised pornographic video leaked late last year. Educational commitments, and last seasons Young Player of the Year seeking pastures new robbed the club of a classy centre back. Franz Beckenbauer will surely be missed.

Credit has to be given to the manager for the shrewd free signing, and arrival of a player who’s versatility would allow him to feature anywhere across the back line or in centre midfield. Three defensive players and two positions to fight for, with the added implication of aging players in particular positions would become a defining factor with team selection. The manager had been reliant on two veteran players to rotate and facilitate this role alongside a Players Player from within the club set up.This player returned fresh, tactically aware, and reinvigorated with the added ability to shield and play the simple pass.

Our reports suggest that the manager has concerns that stem from individual players inability to perform at the standard they once could, and possibly staring age in the face. There are players “being surrounding by their own team, and opposing players able to manipulate the ball, and move into space that visually some players can see but cannot reach”. We gained access to some of the coaching statistics from a recent game, and they highlighted that the midfield were literally chasing shadows.

July 2011. With the transfer window open before the start of the season, the 21+ goal services of the clubs main striker were removed as an offer of Player-Manager elsewhere were offered, and the manager has helpless in negotiations to retain his services. Thoughts of bringing in Old Manorians Football Club goal machine sprung to mind.

The players agent was adamant that the transfer would go ahead, and the player left. With this in mind the manager referred to the club scouting and coaching dossier, and promoted a striker  from within the club who had been ploughing his trade of scoring silently in the reserves. Hail the arrival of a player with the calmness, movement and guile of Jari Litmanen.

The club still have some concerns with wide players, inconsistent performances, late nights, women and possible recreation intact, have been clear to observe with players performances. The manger appears to have taken his time to reflect on his current squad and has been patient, however the fact that he has now come out of temporary retirement  has to be a concern to the club player recruitment.
A late night call from a player willingly to waive his signing on fee allowed the manager to have at his disposal a winger in the mould Raheem Sterling.

His return was a breath of fresh air, his directness caused havoc to the opposition defence and allowed the teams offensive game play to become more expansive and imaginative. He is recovery from surgery and the manager has indicated that he will integrate him into the squad with caution.

The manager had always been concerned that being promoted would pose a few problems, and he wasn’t wrong. The Jamaican Oligarch has already made plans to make The National Stadium the clubs home ground, and recruit more players to the first team, the thought alone of new arrivals has wet the lips of all the supporters, and people associated with the club.

Come along and support free grassroots football and my club this Saturday at home and watch the Reserves in the top of the table clash Old Manorians II v Old Aloysians III

2.00pm Kick-Off Sudbury Avenue, North Wembley

Vintage football boots Obsession


My beloved Pantafolio’ doro Superstars have had their day, fed up of thinking that my next pass will leave my toes tasting the leather of the ball, and leaving me embarrassed.

So this leaves me with the task of replacing these ‘golden slippers’ with something worthy of blessing my size 6’s. This journey led me to reconnect with my fascination and Vintage Obsession with football boots from yesteryear.

This blog is a visual homage to my elder brother who probably thinks that I’m alittle eccentric when it comes to boots.

Vintage Johan Cruyff

Vintage Converse

Above are a pair of Vintage Lico’s from West Germany 1970’s

Vintage Ryal 1946

Vintage Gola Hat-Trick

Vinatge Adidas Burnley

Vinatge Adidas Chile

Vintage Adidas Inter

Vintage Adidas Palermo

Above are a pair of Adidas ‘Schoko Schachner, from the 1980’s. Endorsed by ‘Walter ‘Schoko ‘ Schachner former Austrian forward

Vintage Adidas ‘Klaus Fischer Copa 1978 German international player 1977 to 1982

Above are a pair of Vintage Adidas UWE’s that had me salivating when I first saw them. Likely to be my next purchase

Vintage World Cups 1966. These will eat the Copa Mundial’s for breakfast for appearance

Vintage Puma ‘Ranger’ Yugoslavia 1970’s

For some unknown reason I have a soft spot for these Puma’s. Must be the simplicity of the design

Adidas Predator Powerswerve Blackout. These are the nuts

Lapo’s bespoke Special Edition Pantofola d’Oro

I love these, even though they remind me of footwear the black and white cinematic Harold Lloyd would wear

Now Welcome to The Vintage Cinquestelle range.

About 12 years back I opened the eye’s of many of my ‘ballerboot’ friend’s when I purchased my first pair of Pantafola doro football boots. Sent shock waves through my football club. These Cinquestelle’s will do the same things:

Have my eye’s on these Cinquestelle’s as a second purchase if the Vintage Adidas UWE’s don’t materialise

Image acknowledgements to: studs_up/the_boot_room/

Last images of my beautiful Valsport Nova’s that some ‘scumbag’ stole. If you know anywhere where I can purchase them I would deeply appreciate you getting in contact with me
bespoke P2L’s 
Metric Concord Moulded

These will be the only pieces of Manchester United history to feature on my blog.
Vintage Bobby Charlton ‘golden slippers’

And finally…….. “take a bow” George Best Stylo Matchmakers

Limited Edition Pantofola d’Oro

I’m in love with the heritage of football boots, so maybe time will allow me to see the beauty in these Limited Edition pair of Pantofola d’Oro. On second thought, these look like something out of Laurel and Hardy. Mmmmm…. I wonder what the players at Old Manorians Football Club would think

Footballers Feet

Football changing rooms remain a masculine environment, regardless of the smells of varied shower gels, and occasional body milks. Deep heats, cooling gels, and oils keep the muscles supple. No more jockstraps. Well not at my club anyway. Headbands, wristbands, sock tie ups, and body armour to keep the body temperature regulated. Years gone by, but I remember when the only thing to keep warm on a match day were ‘The Crown Jewels’. Many things have changed in ‘The Beautiful Game’, but not the Footballers Feet. There are footballers who have a pedicure before a game, or ask their misses to sort their feet out when the sight, and scratching of his feet against her calves in the night becomes unbearable. I actually know footballers that sleep with socks on with women due to the appearance of their Footballers Feet. Whatever level of football you’ve play at you’ll always have a joke, tale or story, of at least a sight of a Footballers Feet. Que the jokes. Like when a player tries to snuggle up their feet behind their bag, or act like they’ve dropped their towel, and it conveniently lands on their feet. Every players feet has a story to tell, so think of this blog when you’re season starts, and look around look around at those Footballers Feet in your changing, and allow yourself a chuckle.